A sustainable handwoven scarf

It is unique and original, your sustainable hand-woven scarf from Staatjebeeldig. We buy it for you from a weaver in the Thai countryside. The weaver has woven it with great care on a wooden loom. And that in an environmentally friendly way.

Our scarves are special. They are:

Because whoever takes good care of himself is a gift for the other

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Sustainable handwoven scarf

  • Each sustainable scarf is handwoven
  • It takes an average of two to three days to make a scarf
  • We buy it directly from the weaver

In the dry, hot season, when there is no work on the land, the weavers sit behind their looms. It is an age-old tradition, passed down from mother to daughter. The result is these high quality scarves.

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Made with care for nature

sustainable handwoven scarf with dyes from nature

By using dyes from nature, the environment does not have to suffer. The dyes from the shawls grow at the weavers’ houses. The ladies get the dye that colors the yarn from soil, plants, flowers and fruit.

For example, the green leaves of the indigo plant make the yarn blue. The mango tree paints the scarf yellow. And turns boiled tree bark pink. And these are just a few examples.

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A charity

sustainable handwoven scarf for a good cause

Life in the hot countryside in Northeast Thailand is tough. The long dry season limits the yield of the land. Extra income is welcome.

We drive across the country, stopping in small villages at houses with looms. We buy our scarves directly from the weavers who live here. We always pay a fair price. The families are happy with this help.

Your purchase will help residents through the hot season. And also ensures that this beautiful craft is maintained

Nice to give and to receive

a sustainable handwoven scarf is a nice gift to receive and give

Thailand, where our scarves come from, is Buddhist. The art of giving is woven into the teachings of Buddhism. Doing good for another is good for your Karma.

In the west we also like to give each other presents. What someone gives says a lot about how important someone is. And the more original the gift, the better the feeling. That is why a scarf of the happy scarf is suitable for giving. It is a beautiful gift for her or for him.

But there is also nothing wrong with pampering yourself. Because if you take good care of yourself, you are a gift to others.

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Experienced weavers

This sustainable handwoven scarf is made with a wooden loom

Our weavers make your beautiful scarf with great care and love. These middle-aged women continue the work of their (grand)mothers.

They often work together with neighbors and friends. There is a lot of chatter and laughter while weaving. The end result is compared and assessed. This benefits the quality. On average, they work on a scarf for two to three days. The ladies hope that you will wear your scarf for a long time and with great pleasure.

How indigo paint  is made

indigo dye from nature

Our blue scarves are very popular. You can read in this article how the weavers of the green indigo plant make the blue dye in a sustainable way. We will show you step by step what it takes to give the yarn its indigo blue color.

Online or on the market? Wherever you buy your scarf. We know one thing for sure. “He looks great on you!”

golden yellow scarf
golden yellow scarf
grass green scarf with fine blue pattern
grass green scarf
pure red scarf
red scarf

How it all started

This is how the happy scarf originated? We tell our story.

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