Sustainable soft scarves woven by hand

Hand-woven scarves that look great on you

Sustainable soft scarves from Thailand

Our sustainable soft scarves, shawls, shoulder bags and accessories are handmade in the Thai countryside. They are available for both women and men.

It is an honest product. The dyes with which the scarves were colored come directly from nature.

We paid a fair price to the weavers.

We also sell yarns for weaving, embroidery and knitting.

About The Happy Scarf

See how the sustainable soft scarves from Thailand are made


  • where the sustainable soft scarves come from
  • how our ladies weave them
  • how and with what the yarn is dyed
  • why the scarves super soft and
  • be a good cause

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The fabrics are made with care for you

durable soft scarves are hand woven

All scarves are handwoven by women in the Thai countryside. It takes two to three days for the unique garment to be ready. We buy directly from the weavers.

They made your beautiful scarf with great care and love. And they hope that you will wear it for a long time and with great pleasure.

Sustainability comes first

with organic dyes

The dyes from the scarves often grow on the weavers’ land. Plants, flowers, soil and crushed stone are used to dye the cotton. As a result, there is no pollution of rivers and the environment is not harmed.

All our scarves made with natural dyes can be found here.

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How indigo dye is made

indigo blue dye from plants at the village of the weavers

Our blue scarves are very popular. You can read in this blog article how the weavers of the green indigo plant made the blue dye in a sustainable way. We explain step by step what it takes to give the yarn its indigo blue color.

Online or on the market? Wherever you buy your scarf. We know one thing for sure. “He looks great on you!”

How it all started

Do you want to know who we are and how thehappyscarf originated? We are happy to tell you our story.

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