The benefits of online buying

Whether it is a piece of clothing, laptop, furniture or book, more and more people are buying online. We also notice that the threshold to buy a scarf online is becoming smaller and smaller.

But what are the advantages of buying online and why is it becoming more and more popular to choose this form of shopping? We looked it up for you.

The advantages of buying online at a glance

Here are the main benefits of buying online that we found:

Whenever you want

In the middle of the night or at 6 in the morning. You can buy online whenever you want. You choose the right time to go shopping.

Online shopping is Corona safe

Corona safe shopping

No busy shopping streets. No mouth caps, no washed hands, no social distancing. Don’t be afraid of possible contamination by fellow customers. You can wait for your package with peace of mind.

It is therefore not surprising that the large online stores such as, Coolblue, Zalando, Wehkamp and Amazon did golden business during the lockdown.

Wherever you are

You can enjoy a cup of coffee outside on a terrace. Someone walks by with a nice indigo blue scarf. You Google ‘nice indigo blue scarf’. Hebbes, after a few clicks he will come your way.

Or you are in the middle of an exciting series on Netflix. You don’t want to leave the house to go shopping. The shopping app saves you. After your order, you can continue solving that murder.

Buying online is often cheaper

cheap shopping

The internet shop has less costs and can offer its product cheaper. Rent, electricity, water, staff. The costs of an online seller are significantly lower than with a physical store.

It’s easy to compare prices

You can often compare different products within the store. And where you have to walk the necessary kilometers in a shopping street to compare the prices of competitors, you are digitally ready with a few clicks.

Oh, and there are comparison websites that let you compare different websites. A few large comparison Dutch websites are,,,,, And there are many more.

Exclusivity is attainable

Where in cities you are dependent on the offer of local shops, the whole world is your shopping street when shopping online.

We too can reach a much wider audience via the internet. Even though we don’t sell via or amazon, creative visitors know where to find us.

Word of mouth is also important in the digital age. You no longer say to your girlfriend ‘I saw a great store in the center’ but immediately send the link to the website, facebook or instagram page. Slightly more efficient, and with the same result.

Points of attention when buying online

  • Check shipping costs (these are free with The Happy Scarf)
  • Check delivery times (we will send that beautiful scarf to you the same day)
  • Look at the exchange conditions (exchange within 14 days without costs at The Happy Scarf)
  • Read reviews of the providers

Got fancy?

buy scarves online

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