washing instructions Rayon

Washing instructions Rayon, you can easily wash at home

Washing instructions for Rayon

Rayon washing instructions are quite simple. Washing and ironing this soft shiny fabric is not difficult. You don’t have to take your scarf to the dry cleaner.

Because you can easily wash and iron the scarf at home. Washing at home is possible provided you handle the fabric with care. There are a few points to consider when treating the scarf.

Because the fabric is fairly fragile, we advise not to treat the scarves roughly. Rayon can take a beating, but wears faster with rough washing and drying, which is a shame. That is also the reason why it is best not to put the scarves in the dryer. Ironing too warm is also not recommended. If you wash your rayon by hand or in a lukewarm hand wash program, you will enjoy this softly shiny fabric for years.

What is Rayon?

The cell walls of plants such as Bamboo, Eucalyptus and other types of wood form the basis of Rayon. Our Rayon scarves therefore consist of natural fibers twisted into strands that have typical characteristics.

Rayon Features

  • Super soft
  • Slightly glossy
  • Flexible
  • Slightly wrinkled
  • Absorbent (ideal for dyeing with natural dyes)

Washing instructions for Rayon

Follow these Rayon washing instructions and you’ll enjoy your beautiful hand-woven shawl for years to come.

  • Wash rayon by hand or in a hand wash program at a maximum of 30 degrees.
  • Squeeze the scarf after washing or spin slowly.
  • Rayon is quite fragile so always gently pull the scarf back into shape when it comes out of the wash.
  • Also, do not put the scarf in the dryer, the hot air from the dryer will shrink it and may even damage it.
  • The scarf can be ironed when it is still fairly damp.
  • Iron the scarf on a low setting.

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