What is an Eco scarf?

What is an eco scarf? What features does this fashion accessory have? What is taken into account when making? And what are the consequences for the employees in the production process?

What an eco scarf is

An eco scarf is made with the least possible harmful effects on the environment. The ecological footprint of the scarf is minimal.

This abbreviation of ecological is used to indicate that maximum attention is paid to nature and the environment during the production process. Eco, sustainable, ecological are terms that often appear in the advertising world.

We can therefore say that a scarf of The Happy Scarf is an Eco scarf

A few features of an Eco scarf:

  • The raw materials used in an eco scarf are sustainable and the environment and nature are central when making it
  • Woven by hand
  • The use of (polluting) machines is kept to a minimum
  • And chemical products are avoided as much as possible

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An eco-friendly scarf

indigo organic paint
Indigo blue hangs to dry after dyeing

You can certainly say that an eco scarf is the counterpart of a fast fashion accessory.

In fast fashion, the price is everything. That is why the choice often falls on low-wage countries for making the garments. And consciously dealing with nature and attention to the environment are often not at the top of the agenda.

Attention for the employee

satisfied weaver

The poor workers who have to make the garments are poorly educated. They often work under appalling working conditions and, consciously or unconsciously, endanger their own health. Long days in chemical fumes, discharging waste water into (polluted) rivers, it’s all part of it. Not only nature pays the price for this.

And because the price is decisive in fast fashion, they do not receive a fair wage. There is just enough income to survive. It is a hopeless situation for the employee.

Producers of sustainable products also pay attention to the working and living conditions of the workers.

Durable lasts the longest

Anyone who buys sustainable clothing is not looking for disposable clothing, but one that he or she will enjoy for a long time. The new owner will use it sparingly and postpone a new purchase as long as possible. Sellers of sustainable scarves are aware of this and pay attention not only to sustainability, but also to quality. Strength and longevity of the chosen materials are important.

Not a disposable item of clothing, but one that you can enjoy for a long time.

The Happy Scarf

The shawls and scarves of statjebeeldig have these characteristics.

We can therefore say that a scarf of The Happy Scarf is an Eco scarf.

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