what is rayon

What is rayon?

Many of our scarves are woven with this strong, softly shiny yarn. And that is not without reason. We are happy to tell you why our weavers choose to work with this material. What exactly is rayon?

Are you curious what it looks like?

It is one of the most versatile and at the same time mysterious fabrics known. It has the characteristics of silk, cotton and wool and is used in many garments. Due to its moisture-absorbing capacity, it is extremely suitable for dyeing with natural dyes.

Rayon: Bamboo, Eucalyptus and Plant Fibers

Rayon is an artificially made fiber based on the cell walls of plants (cellulose). It is the fibers of the eucalyptus tree, bamboo and wood that make the fine threads of the yarn.

The yarn is very similar to cotton but is stronger, smoother and softer. This makes the fabric feel silky. The softness and shine of the yarn give the fabric a luxurious look.

Super soft and shine

wine red scarf with indigo blue cross thread made of rayon
The soft shine gives rayon fabric a luxurious look

The softness of the material makes it also known as artificial silk or viscose.

Our rayon woven scarves and shawls are not only comfortable to wear, they have a soft sheen just like silk.

Ideal for organic paint

Our weavers’ preference for rayon yarn has everything to do with absorbency and strength. The natural paint is absorbed better and the colors are deeper and adhere slightly better than on cotton. In this way, the colors of organic paint come into their own optimally.

organic paint colors rayon fabric

Natural dyes and rayon are therefore a successful combination. The material makes our scarves colorfast and durable.

You’re shining

rayon yarn hanging to dry

Rayon is not called artificial silk for nothing. Not only does it feel super soft and comfortable. The soft sheen of the material gives the fabric more cachet. Add to that pure colours, stylish design and the care of weaving and you know why you choose a scarf of The Happy Scarf.

Are you curious what it looks like?

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