de schering van het weefgetouw

What is the warp in weaving?

voorbereiding schering
preparation of the warp

What is the warp of a scarf or shawl?
When we talk about our scarves we often talk about it.
It is an important element of fabrics and an indispensable part in the weaving process.
Without warp, also called warp, there is no scarf or shawl.

It is one of the basic threads with which the fabric is braided.
Because weaving is nothing more than connecting different threads into a coherent whole.

Preparing the loom

het knopen van de schering
the warp is knotted

It takes a lot of time and, above all, patience to weave a beautiful fabric.
Large balls of yarn are first unraveled and prepared for the loom.
Then the careful sorting and tensioning of the warp threads begins.
This is the base of the fabric.

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het knopen van de schering
the knotting of the warp on the remnants of a previous fabric

The threads must first be passed through a (weaving) comb.
This comb will later press the weft.
Usually the weaver knots new warp threads to the remnants of a previous weave.
It is the most efficient and fast way to prepare the loom.

de schering van een weefgetouw
warp of the loom ready to weave

When the knotting is done and the warp has been tensioned, the weaving can begin.

Threads of the warp are alternately pulled up and down so that a spool of thread can slide through.
The weaver directs the transverse thread, the weft, through the warp.
She uses a wooden reel (boat) for this.
Then she presses the new threads with the wide comb.

de spoel wordt door de schacht geduwd
the coil is pushed through the shaft

Once the fabric is pressed, the weaver moves the top warp threads down and places the bottom warp threads on top.
This creates a new shaft for the next coil.
The yarn passes through this and again the weaver pulls the comb towards herself to press it all together.

weefster met weefkam
the weaving comb

And then the whole process starts again.
Warp threads go from top to bottom, the bobbin passes through again and is pressed.
The fabric grows slowly.

It is a meticulous job and the patience of the ladies never ceases to amaze us.
The time and attention they put into the weaving seems almost invisible in the final product.
But if you look closely at the detail of the scarf, you will find the craftsmanship and patience again.
Judge yourself.

Result to be proud of

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