why is handmade special

Why is handmade special?

Why is handmade special? Is it because we come from a generation that loves antiques? Is it because we always had respect for a beautiful craft? And for the people who make beautiful things? Or is it just a trend?

Handmade vs Mass Production

Handmade vs Mass Production

In our society we are surrounded by mass production. Mechanical looms in low-wage countries spit out miles of fabric every day. The price is low and the workmanship is often good. Yet there are plenty of reasons to choose handmade products.

Why handmade is of this time

Especially now it is special when you come across something that differs from the crowd. Handmade items are different and have more character. Small irregularities that prove that human hands made something are charming. It makes the goods original and unique. Handmade scores.

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This is how tradition and craft are preserved

behind the loom

In times when much traditional labor has been replaced by machines, a lot of tradition also disappears. Our weavers often learned the craft from their (grand)mothers at a young age. They learn each other’s techniques and are proud when they compare the fabrics.

Fair production

In Thailand, where we buy, everyone has enough to eat and children are obliged to go to school. Because we visit the weavers, we know for sure that there is no exploitation or child labour. We respect not only the materials used, but also the people who made them. Fair production is important to us.


natural dyes, fixer and fabric softener

Environmental awareness and the realization that we must use raw materials sparingly means that there is more demand for sustainable items. Polluting factories don’t mix with handicrafts. Handmade products are usually made with natural materials. These qualitatively better raw materials explain the popularity of handicrafts.

Computers and technology

We are so used to screens and technology that it is special when something in small quantities is not designed and made by a computer. Handmade products are not digitally controlled and unique. When you weave ten blue indigo shawls by hand, all ten are different. This can be due to the different weavers, the way the yarn was dyed by hand or the pattern devised by the maker.

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And then there is love

proud of naturally dyed yarn

Made with love may sound like a cliché, but there is a grain of truth in it. When you do something for fun and with care and attention, it often goes easier. Our weavers also work from their hearts to the result. After all, they want to be proud of what they make. They put a piece of themselves in the scarf they weave. With good craftsmanship you will find the passion of the maker in the end product.

And more love

When you buy a gift for someone you are not very close to, the production method does not matter much. If, on the other hand, you buy a gift for family, a friend or loved one, the handicraft actually adds something. Even if it costs a little more, you are giving the right signal. You have worked hard to find the right gift for him or her. And as a result, a handmade gift is valued more than a mass item. Artisanal, handmade are always good. A handmade gift is personal, original and special. It’s not a dime a dozen gift.

Why we go for hand-woven scarves

the people behind the craft

We already mentioned originality, durability, limited availability, care and love. We then add the inexhaustible play of patterns, yarns, textures and colours. But for us, the human aspect comes first. We live in a time when a lot of labor is disappearing. By buying hand-woven products, the craft is preserved. For many families in rural areas it is a necessary extra income. Competition with mass production and cheap manufactures from China has caused many to lose extra income.

And since we learned how our handmade scarves and shawls are made, we have gained even more respect for the end product. We don’t want anything else anymore.

And the eye wants something too

All of the above arguments certainly apply to the shawls of Staatjebeeldig. During our purchasing trips we look for high-quality, hand-woven scarves and shawls. And with success.

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